Rider Resources

Advance Transit (AT) offers a suite of rider educational materials to help make your public transit experience more comfortable and accessible. Explore our series of educational videos and our range of informative brochures designed to provide you with the knowledge you need to navigate our public transit system confidently and efficiently.

How to Ride Videos

AT partnered with Junction Arts & Media (JAM) to produce the series of rider education videos. The “How to Ride” video series is designed to make the public transit experience more approachable and informative for new riders.

Topics covered include:

  • Planning a Trip
  • Boarding and Exiting the Bus
  • Making a Transfer
  • Using the Bike Rack

Rider Brochures

The following brochures offer key transit information and are available at AT’s Van Chesnut Transit Operations Center, inside AT buses, and at various organizations that serve the Upper Valley community, such as the healthcare centers, senior centers, and libraries.

How to Ride: Read up on trip planning, boarding and exiting buses, making a transfer, and using the bike racks. It’s perfect for new or inexperienced riders looking to make greater use of public transit.

View the How to Ride brochure

Rider Tools: Learn about various resources available to ensure a smoother trip, such as the Transit app and accessing real-time bus information via calling or texting. This brochure equips riders with valuable tools for a seamless experience.

View the Rider Tools brochure

The Benefits of Public Transportation: Get insights into the positive impact of using public transit. Discover facts and figures that highlight the environmental and societal benefits of choosing public transportation.

View the Benefits of Public Transportation brochure