RIDER ALERT: Transit app’s real-time feature temporarily unavailable

Advance Transit’s real-time bus information is temporarily unavailable on the Transit app. While this issue is being resolved, the Transit app is displaying a vehicle’s scheduled time, so users can see when a bus is slated to arrive at a stop.

In the meantime, riders should use the GO feature, which provides crowdsourced real-time transit data. Riders can help other passengers by tapping GO when they ride. When a user taps GO to get real-time notifications for their ride, Transit app tracks the real-time location of the vehicle from other riders who use GO, providing up-to-date information and step-by-step directions, just like Waze.

Normally, the information shown in Transit is pulled from AT’s data feed. Once a rider is using GO on a bus, they start broadcasting their vehicle’s real-time location, second-by-second, to riders down the line. Transit app then replaces the vehicle location from AT’s data with GO’s anonymous second-by-second data.

Click here for more information on how GO works.