PRESS RELEASE: Advance Transit Launches Rider Resources, Part of Efforts to Reduce Barriers to Use of Public Transportation

Advance Transit (AT), the free public transit service in the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire and Vermont, is excited to announce the launch of a suite of rider educational materials aimed at making public transit more accessible and encouraging its use within the community.

These new resources include a series of educational videos and a range of informative brochures designed to provide passengers with the knowledge they need to navigate the public transit system confidently and efficiently.

Rider Videos

AT has released a series of “How to Ride” videos which can be viewed on their YouTube channel, website, and Facebook account at the following addresses:

AT partnered with Junction Arts & Media (JAM) to produce the series of rider education videos. The “How to Ride” video series is designed to make the public transit experience more approachable and informative for new riders. Topics covered include trip planning, boarding and exiting the bus, making transfers, and using bike racks.

Rider Brochures

The following brochures offer key transit information and are available at AT’s Van Chesnut Transit Operations Center, inside AT buses, and at various organizations that serve the Upper Valley community, such as the healthcare centers, senior centers, and libraries.

  • How to Ride: Read up on trip planning, boarding and exiting buses, making a transfer, and using the bike racks. It’s perfect for new or inexperienced riders looking to make greater use of public transit.
  • Rider Tools: Learn about various resources available to ensure a smoother trip, such as the Transit app and accessing real-time bus information via calling or texting. This brochure equips riders with valuable tools for a seamless experience.
  • The Benefits of Public Transportation: Get insights into the positive impact of using public transit. Discover facts and figures that highlight the environmental and societal benefits of choosing public transportation.

Businesses and organizations that are interested in displaying or distributing these brochures can receive copies by contacting Trish Palao, AT’s Director of Marketing and Development, by email at or by phone at (802) 295-1824, x205.

Support and Funding for Rider Resources

The creation of these rider resources was made possible through the Vermont Agency of Transportation’s Mobility and Transportation Innovations (MTI) Grant Program. This program supports innovative strategies and projects that improve mobility and access to services, reduce the use of single-occupancy vehicles, and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Through this grant-funded initiative, AT is committed to eliminating information barriers and building incentives for transit usage.

Other Rider Education Initiatives

The development of rider resources is part of Advance Transit’s wider effort to empower riders by providing information that will help them feel comfortable and confident when using public transportation. Over the past year, AT has worked toward this objective in a variety of ways — by gathering feedback about transit needs, collaborating closely with local organizations, and sharing service information with community members. Additional initiatives include the following:

  • New bus stops signs: Earlier this year, AT replaced bus stop signs with a new design that now includes the name of the bus stop, the bus routes servicing that stop, and the direction in which the buses are headed. The signs also include a QR code that links to information on the planning tools available to AT riders.
  • Guided bus rides: AT has led guided bus rides, offering the opportunity to explore the public transit system with ease. In addition to leading groups from Quail Hollow and Dartmouth College, AT partnered with Vital Communities to lead a guided transit adventure on its Red route.
  • Community outreach: During the summer, AT had a table at the Lebanon Farmers Market, listening to feedback and answering questions. It also participated in other community events, such as the Hartford Community Coalition’s Annual Block Party in Hartford, VT and the National Bike to Work Day celebration in Lebanon, NH.
  • Information sessions: AT has hosted a number of information sessions on site at the Van Chesnut Transit Operations Center. In the spring, an e-bus session offered details about the benefits of electric vehicles and their impact on the community and public transportation overall. In the early fall, a safety information session welcomed local firefighters to review information about e-buses and charging stations, as well as the procedures for responding to emergency situations.

In addition to these recent offerings, AT will be sharing more resources in the year ahead to empower potential riders and promote a transit-friendly culture. These forthcoming materials include an activity sheet to engage young minds and promote an early interest in public transportation, as well as videos that explore different stops on AT routes and further delve into the advantages of using public transit.

Advance Transit is dedicated to creating a welcoming, informative, and sustainable public transit experience for the community. We encourage all members of the community to explore these resources and embrace the benefits of public transportation.

For more information, contact Trish Palao, Director of Marketing and Development, at or (802) 295-1824.