Changes to Bus Service: Dartmouth/Hanover Shuttle, Blue Route, and Brown Route

Bus driving over bridge

Dartmouth/Hanover Shuttle

Starting Monday, August 29th, the Dartmouth/Hanover Shuttle will run its regular service, resuming evening service again.

Blue Route

Starting Monday, August 29th, the Blue Route will resume service for the 2:55 pm departure from Lebanon to Mascoma High School, as well as the 3:15 pm from Mascoma High School to Enfield (3:20 pm) and Lebanon.

Brown Route

Due to the waterline construction project on Hazen Street, scheduled to occur from August 29 through November 7, 2022, the Brown Route will not be able to service the bus stops at the Norwich Library or Cliff Street stops. Service will continue for the stop at the northwest end of Hazen Street.