Rider Stories

The Ability to Serve

Theresa and Mikayla ride the bus togetherOne very important part about AT is its ability to serve. From the people who drive the buses, create the schedules, raise money, and all of those who make it possible for AT to run when people need it…. Last March when we had a massive snow storm and I did not know how I would get home…I called AT, and lo and behold the buses were certainly still running. AT in one word, reliable!”

-Theresa (right), Office of Institutional Diversity & Equity, Dartmouth College

How Lucky We Are

Rider shares why they ride AT“I ride the AT bus for a few reasons. First, I feel good about not driving: I’m not wasting money on gas and car maintenance, I’m minimizing my ecological footprint, and I’m not occupying a parking space on campus. Second, riding the bus is a nice part of my routine. I love the short walk to and from downtown Lebanon in the morning and afternoon, and I enjoy having a rhythm of going to work and leaving. Third, using public services makes me feel like part of a community. Instead of sitting in my own little bubble, I get to share space with people from many different walks of life.

I wish others in the community realized how convenient the bus can be, and how lucky we are to have a free system in a relatively rural area. When I do commute by car to campus, I’m always shocked by how bad traffic can be on Rt. 120 and downtown Hanover. It’s so much more enjoyable to let someone else deal with the traffic!”

-Garrett, Department of Geography, Dartmouth College

One of the Jewels of the Upper Valley

One of Marie and Albert Esselborn’s early experiences in the Upper Valley was when Albert received care at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in 2004. That was also when Marie first rode on Advance Transit, taking the Blue Route between Hanover and Lebanon. In 2006, when the Esselborns decided to sell their home in Manchester, Vermont, they chose to move to the Upper Valley because of Albert’s positive experience.

For Marie, however, it was because of the transportation system, namely Amtrak, VT Transit, Dartmouth Coach, and “most importantly Advance Transit.” Marie was able to maintain her independence through walking and riding with AT, which she refers to as “one of the jewels of the Upper Valley.” She encourages everyone to use AT, which has helped with her mobility and quality of life. AT may be one of the jewels of the Upper Valley, but surely Marie Esselborn is another.