Travel Training

Not sure where the bus stops are? Want to transfer from one bus line to another? Not sure if you’ll make it back to campus in time for class? Want to bring your bike on the bus? 

We offer a FREE Travel Training program with Vital Communities to help you figure out how to get around the Upper Valley using our bus system.

During our Travel Training you will:

  • Get comfortable riding the bus
  • Learn about bus routes and popular places you can go
  • Understand how to read the bus schedules
  • Find your bus using the real-time system
  • Get practice planning a trip
  • Learn how to locate bus stops
  • Transfer from one bus route to another

To schedule an Advance Transit Travel Training for yourself or a group, contact the Transportation team at Vital Communities at 802.291.9100 x111 or

Watch this 1-minute video showing how to use the bike rack on the bus: