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RIDER ALERT: Transit app’s real-time feature temporarily unavailable

Advance Transit’s real-time bus information is temporarily unavailable on the Transit app. While this issue is being resolved, the Transit app is displaying a vehicle’s scheduled time, so users can see when a bus is slated to arrive at a stop.

In the meantime, riders should use the GO feature, which provides crowdsourced real-time transit data. Riders can help other passengers by tapping GO when they ride. When a user taps GO to get real-time notifications for their ride, Transit app tracks the real-time location of the vehicle from other riders who use GO, providing up-to-date information and step-by-step directions, just like Waze.

Normally, the information shown in Transit is pulled from AT’s data feed. Once a rider is using GO on a bus, they start broadcasting their vehicle’s real-time location, second-by-second, to riders down the line. Transit app then replaces the vehicle location from AT’s data with GO’s anonymous second-by-second data.

Click here for more information on how GO works.

RIDER TIP: Wave a Flashlight while Waiting in the Dark

AT flashlight

Rider pro tip: wave a flashlight when waiting for the bus in the dark.

During the colder months with shorter daylight hours, please wave a flashlight when waiting in the dark to let AT drivers know to pick you up at your bus stop. If a flashlight isn’t available, you can use your cellphone’s flashlight feature or phone screen instead!

Advance Transit Seeks Community Feedback to Update Five-Year Transit Plan

Morning commuters boarding the bus

Press Release
For Immediate Release
October 17, 2022

Advance Transit (AT) is currently in the process of updating its Transit Development Plan (TDP), a five-year plan for improving public transportation in the Upper Valley.

The TDP is a tactical guide for enhancing, cultivating, and evolving public transportation services. Updating this plan is a multi-phased process that includes: a review of existing services; a survey of passengers that examines trip purposes, frequency of use, residential and commuter patterns, and technology usage; and an analysis of travel patterns, which considers planned construction and development projects that may affect public transportation in the future

A crucial part of this process is community feedback, which is critical in identifying community preferences and learning how AT services can better meet transportation needs.

There are various opportunities for providing feedback:

  • A brief online survey is available for all community members to complete, regardless of their current use of public transportation. This survey offers some insight on the community’s needs. Survey participants will also have the chance to win a $25 Visa gift card. The survey is available at
  • Rider surveys will be distributed on board buses for passengers to complete.
  • Listening sessions on Wednesday, November 2, are open for all members of the community to share their thoughts. Two sessions are scheduled for that day:
    • 12-1pm at the Hartford Town Office,
      171 Bridge Street, White River Junction, Vermont
    • 3-4pm at the Kilton Public Library (Community Room),
      80 Main Street, West Lebanon, New Hampshire

AT has a long history of careful system planning, including coordination with local and regional planning efforts. This year, AT will be working with Steadman Hill Consulting, a consulting firm with extensive experience in public transportation planning. AT has worked with Steadman Hill Consulting in the past to produce its 2018 plan. That plan resulted in changes to routes and schedules in order help meet the transportation needs of the community. This includes increased frequency on the Blue route (operating between downtown Lebanon and downtown Hanover), which now offers 15-minute service.

For additional information on the TDP process, and to review past TDPs and relevant studies, visit

For more information, contact Trish Palao, Director of Marketing and Philanthropy, at or (802) 295-1824.

PRESS RELEASE: Advance Transit’s Executive Director to Retire after 35 Years of Leadership

Van Chesnut, AT Executive Director for 35 years

On September 30, 2022, Van Chesnut, Executive Director of Advance Transit (AT), will step down from his position after 35 years of leadership. He will remain on staff temporarily as AT transitions to new management. Chesnut will retire from the organization on November 15, 2022.

Chesnut’s work has been integral to AT’s success. From humble beginnings in the early 1980s, the organization has grown to become part of the fabric of Upper Valley life, having now provided over thirteen million passenger trips and offering fare-free transit to the communities of Hartford and Norwich in Vermont, and Lebanon, Hanover, Enfield, and Canaan in New Hampshire.

Matt Osborn, President of the AT Board of Directors, states:
“In my nearly twenty-five years serving on the AT Board, it has been a real pleasure working with Van. Van has demonstrated an amazing level of dedication and perseverance, constantly striving for ways to improve the organization. In his thirty-five years, AT has grown and evolved into a highly regarded rural transit provider under his leadership.”

Chesnut assumed the role of Executive Director in 1987, bringing with him years of experience in the transit industry. During his tenure, Chesnut’s forward-thinking strategy, strong planning, and effective relationship-building were crucial to AT’s growth. Through collaboration, outreach, and regular assessment, he established service routes and implemented transit plans that would more effectively serve the needs of the community.

Chesnut was successful in developing collaborative relationships with government agencies, municipalities, and local organizations. He forged partnerships with large regional employers, including Dartmouth Health and Dartmouth College, demonstrating how transit services can help alleviate traffic congestion and parking demand. Chesnut worked closely with both the Vermont Agency of Transportation and the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, leading to a cooperative agreement between both states.

Shelley Winters, Director of Aeronautics, Rail & Transit with the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, reflects on her work with Chesnut:
“I have had the pleasure of working with Van for 22 years and, in that time, he has been a tireless advocate for public transit, not only in the Upper Valley, but regionally and nationally.  Van’s exemplary management of Advance Transit and years of serving as the chair of the New Hampshire Transit Association have provided leadership and mentorship to others in the New Hampshire public transit industry; Van is leaving behind a thriving transit system and legacy, both of which he should be proud of.”

Michele Boomhower, VTrans Division Director, shares:
“Van Chesnut has been a wonderful partner to the Agency for 35 years. His leadership, guidance, and service approach have served as critical models in an era of transitions for public transportation.

In 2011, AT expanded its operations center at its current location at the Billings Commerce Park in Wilder, Vermont.

Over the years, as the need for AT’s services grew, so did the organization’s operations. Chesnut assembled a dependable team of drivers, maintenance crew, and office staff committed to AT’s mission of providing safe, effective, and friendly public transportation services. In 2011, after a successful capital campaign, AT expanded its operations center at its current location at the Billings Commerce Park in Wilder, Vermont, doubling in size and achieving LEED certification. Today, AT’s site includes administrative offices and a topnotch maintenance facility to take care of AT’s clean modern fleet, which will soon include zero-emission electric buses.

In 2002, AT became fare-free for all riders, thanks to partnerships with Dartmouth Health, Dartmouth College, and the state of Vermont. This has helped AT’s work toward: increasing access to jobs and housing; connecting people to healthcare, shopping, schools, and other community resources; expanding mobility for people with disabilities; helping senior citizens participate fully in their communities; reducing traffic congestion; and managing parking demand.

AT Building Dedication

Chesnut also implemented a successful philanthropy program, which has raised over $1.7M since it began. This program is vital to AT’s capability to provide fare-free service. Through Chesnut’s efforts, AT has been lauded by the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies, which stated the following in a report titled Implementation and Outcomes of Fare-Free Transit Systems: “Among rural transit programs in the nation, Advance Transit has developed one of the most innovative and diversified funding packages to support its operations.”

On October 1, Adams Carroll will assume the role of Executive Director. Carroll joins AT with years of experience in transit planning and community building. He and Chesnut have been working together since June to ensure a smooth leadership transition.

Carroll shares his appreciation of Chesnut:
“I am thankful to Van for his mentorship as I move into this new role. Van has built an organization that is respected across Vermont, New Hampshire, and throughout the public transportation industry as a model for innovative rural transportation service delivery. I look forward to announcing our plans to honor and celebrate Van as he transitions into his well-deserved retirement.”

Carroll’s appreciation is echoed by many who have worked with Chesnut. Ross MacDonald, VTrans Public Transit Program Manager, concurs:
“The Public Transit Program staff would like to personally thank Van Chesnut for his partnership – he will be missed! His pragmatic and thoughtful leadership has led to several national awards, and we would also like to recognize the positive influence that he has had on all of us who have been fortunate enough to work with him.”


For more information, contact Trish Palao, Director of Marketing and Philanthropy, at or (802) 295-1824.

Changes to Bus Service: Dartmouth/Hanover Shuttle, Blue Route, and Brown Route

Bus driving over bridge

Dartmouth/Hanover Shuttle

Starting Monday, August 29th, the Dartmouth/Hanover Shuttle will run its regular service, resuming evening service again.

Blue Route

Starting Monday, August 29th, the Blue Route will resume service for the 2:55 pm departure from Lebanon to Mascoma High School, as well as the 3:15 pm from Mascoma High School to Enfield (3:20 pm) and Lebanon.

Brown Route

Due to the waterline construction project on Hazen Street, scheduled to occur from August 29 through November 7, 2022, the Brown Route will not be able to service the bus stops at the Norwich Library or Cliff Street stops. Service will continue for the stop at the northwest end of Hazen Street.

AT Installs Air Purification Systems in All Vehicles

Recently installed air purification system in AT bus

Advance Transit just installed air purification systems from United Safety in all our vehicles! Using PHI-Cell® Technology, this new bus feature continually sanitizes the air and surfaces within our vehicle interiors.

Utilized by hospitals and universities world-wide, with over 4 million units in service for over 20 years, and tested multiple times by various transit agencies, these purifiers have proven to be effective in helping to mitigate the spread of airborne viral and bacterial pathogens. Now there’s reason to breathe easy on your ride!

Field rep installing air purification system in AT bus

TSA Lifts Mask Use Requirement on Public Transportation. TSA recommends continued mask use by riders and our buses will continue to have masks available.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security Transportation Security Administration Seal

Statement regarding face mask use on public transportation

Monday, April 18, 2022

Due to today’s court ruling, effective immediately, TSA will no longer enforce its Security Directives and Emergency Amendment requiring mask use on public transportation and transportation hubs. TSA will also rescind the new Security Directives that were scheduled to take effect tomorrow. CDC continues to recommend that people wear masks in indoor public transportation settings at this time.


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Battery Assist Bicycles Prohibited on Buses

Due to overweight issues for our bicycle racks it is necessary for us to prohibit the transportation of battery equipped bicycles. We are working with the rack manufacturer to adapt necessary reinforcements to allow those bicycles to be transported. Unfortunately, those batteries are too much of a hazard to be disconnected and allowed on the bus.