BORDER PATROL CHECKPOINTS from Advance Transit’s Executive Director

The Border Patrol checkpoint on I-89 southbound in Lebanon on September 5, which impacted Advance Transit buses as well as other travelers, has generated many comments, questions and concerns from our riders, supporters, employees and the members of the communities we serve.

We take these comments very seriously and are in the process of examining the situation carefully. It is important that we provide the safest experience possible for our riders. It is also important that we follow the law. We are undertaking a review of the law right now, so that we can come back to everyone with a policy to address future checkpoints and similar situations. Our drivers and staff determine best actions due to traffic and weather disruptions, but we are not Fourth Amendment lawyers.

Anything that distracts our drivers or endangers our customers is of prime concern to us. Our aim is to do the necessary homework – promptly – so that we can get to the right answer and our drivers can know to do the right thing.

Your comments are being carefully considered – we promise.

We will be back in touch with more information shortly.

Van Chesnut, Executive Director, Advance Transit, Inc.