Detail on Service Suspension

The :15 and :45 departures from DHMC to Hanover are eliminated. That bus had operated from 9:15am until 4:15pm. Also, the :25 and :55 departures from Vail to DHMC are eliminated between 9:25am until 4:25pm. Blue route service continues every 30 minutes between points in Hanover to DHMC and Lebanon.

The 4:45pm departure from Vail to DHMC (5:05), Enfield (5:30) and Canaan is eliminated. The 5:45pm from Canaan to Enfield and Lebanon is eliminated. The 5:50pm departure to Canaan from Lebanon will continue to operate and new service leaving Canaan at 6:15pm will return riders to Enfield (6:26) and Lebanon (6:40).