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Affected Routes: Dartmouth/Hanover Shuttle
Advance Transit buses will not be able to serve Tuck circle if cars are parked illegally and the buses cannot make their normal turn. After 5:30pm riders may have to access the Dartmouth Hanover Shuttle out on North Main Street at Carson Hall to go to Dewey or at the Webster bus stop to get to Sachem. We hope to have more aggressive parking enforcement in place this week to allow service to be returned.

Return of Maynard, Webster and Parkhurst stops

Effective: November 8, 2019Affected Routes: Blue Route, Brown Route, Green Route, Orange Route, Dartmouth/Hanover Shuttle
The Orange, Brown, Green, Blue and Hanover Downtown shuttles will return to their normal route on Maynard and North Main Street, starting Monday, November 11, 2019. We will be returning back to the Maynard, Webster and Parkhurst stops on Monday.

The return of the school year

Effective: August 26, 2019Affected Routes: Blue Route, dartmouth-hanover_shuttle_morning
Starting on Monday 8/26/19 the following routes will return to their normal school year schedules: Blue Route 2:50 from Court St. in Lebanon to Mascoma High School. Dartmouth Downtown Shuttles to include the late night shuttle. See a schedule and map here. If you have any questions, please give us a call: 802-295-1824