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Advance Transit is a not-for-profit charitable organization. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

AT makes a difference by providing more than a half million rides each year - 69% percent use AT to get to work but 47% do not have a car.

"It is very convenient. I'm a new mother without a license. I'd have no other way to get to work."

Advance Transit makes a difference in our community:

"In the past, we have contributed to AT even though we were not using it - simply because we wanted to support this integral part of the high quality of life available in the Upper Valley. Now that we are using the ACCESS AT (paratransit) we want to do more...because we feel the money we contribute has the potential to not only help many less fortunate than ourselves, but to serve other purposes as well, not the least of which would be the environment."

Your contribution will help Advance Transit continue to serve the residents of the Upper Valley.

For more information please contact:
Gary Daniels
Director of Philanthropy
Advance Transit
PO Box 1027
Wilder, VT 05088
(802) 295-1824

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