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Upper Valley Rideshare offers free carpool matching for Upper Valley commuters and employers who are interested in carpooling.

Click here to reach our UPPER VALLEY RIDESHARE SITE, where you will find links to online carpool matching, Emergency Ride Home benefit information, information about park and ride lots, and more.

To find carpool partners, use our site to reach our online matching program.

We encourage you to create a personal commuter account to see the best matches - it only takes a minute or two. You will then receive a list of potential carpoolers, have the ability to change your carpool choices at any time, and total control over your contact information.

Members contact each other directly to set-up carpooling.

Upper Valley commuters who enroll through our online site are eligible for our Emergency Ride Home benefit.

Why register through Upper Valley Rideshare?

1. To find local carpool options and customer service

2. To reduce the miles on your car

3. To save daily commuting costs by sharing expenses

4. To help reduce unnecessary traffic congestion

5. To contribute to cleaner air

6. To be good neighbors, sharing space in their cars

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