Mask Use on Public Transit Buses is STILL MANDATORY FOR ALL USERS, VACCINATED OR NOT per US Transportation Security Administration.

May 13, 2021


Effective January 31st, 2021 and pursuant to Order under Section 261 of the public Health Service Act and Code 42 of Federal Regulations and pursuant to the US Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration security directive 1582/84-21-01, all riders on all public conveyances must wear facial coverings over their nose and mouth. The mask wearing requirement was recently lifted for vaccinated individuals but MASK WEARING BY ALL (INCLUDING THOSE THAT HAVE BEEN IMMUNIZED) is still required at airports, aboard commercial flights and on other public transportation including public transit. The CDC order implements President Biden’s Executive Order 13998, Promoting COVID-19 Safety in Domestic and International Travel, “to save lives and allow all Americans, including the millions of people employed in the transportation industry, to travel and work safely.”

Exemptions to this requirement now require documentation that must be reviewed and approved by Advance Transit, Inc.’s management and be supported with information from a licensed medical provider. A rider seeking an exemption must ALSO provide evidence to Advance Transit of a recent (within the past 7 days) negative COVID-19 test result, or documentation of at least a first immunization against the COVID-19 virus, or documentation of recovery from COVID-19.

Please note: an exemption from the mask requirement rule continues to be allowed for children aged 2 and under. For more information you may call Advance Transit at (802) 295-1824 ext 203.

Please – bring and use your own face coverings. Thanks to community volunteers we do have some masks available on buses, but supplies are limited at this time.

Please – help us to stay safe so that we may continue to serve you.

THANK YOU for your cooperation and for respecting the health and safety of your drivers and fellow passengers!